The Kindness Crate Subscription Options

The Kindness Crate has a new campaign every other month: January, March, May, July, September, and November. You can subscribe to renew every other month, after 4 months (2 crates plus the welcome crate), or after 6 months (3 crates plus the welcome crate). Each crate contains enough materials for a family and 1 child.

2 Months

Renews every other month for $40 a crate

6 Month Prepay

Renews every 6 months for $38 per crate

12 Month Prepay

Renews once a year for $36 per crate

 The Gratitude Crate

Every new subscriber will receive the Gratitude Crate, which will ship within 48 hours.  This crate contains SO many goodies to begin practicing gratitude with your family including a custom journal, a Family Gratitude Box, and a Parent Guide among so many other things! 

The Gratitude Journal

Family Gratitude Box

Gratitude Activities